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TrAxxion Representative speaking at Asine Insight Event, May3rd 2012

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Subject: People, Process and Things – Business/IT alignment in time of radical change

Cetrel, based in Luxembourg, is a technology and service provider in the domain of mass transactions treatment in the e-money business - running 24/7, 365 days a year. Cetrels case is really a prime example of the influence of „More Europe“ on business arena in the financial industry, and the consequences this has on an organisation as Cetrel. There must be many more similar cases across Europe – but Luxembourg businesses, with only a very tiny internal market, have to adapt very quickly. Having to adopt to a dramatic changing business environment - of course this comes with threats and opportunities – but above all with a need to adopt fast to these circumstances as failure is not an option – and this is where use of best practices in the transformation program is a pillar of „trust“ to execute towards the desired state fast, while ruling out common mistakes and loosing time on „inventing your own“. Such a dramatic business change process is however not easy and takes a lot of determination – where in order of importance first alignment between the Business and IT (People) is crucial, followed by best practices (Processes) and tools (Things) - as the story will outline.

  • TrAxxion Representative speaking at Asine Insight Event, May3rd 2012