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In today’s challenging economy, the ability to adjust your company to the rapidly changing environment is a must to stay competitive.

This results in a high number of activities and projects, which can be difficult to prioritize and execute on. Limitations may exist in required resources and need for specific knowledge, as well as the aptitudes and skill sets to create change and establish a new process or business venture are often also not the same as what is required to running “business as usual”.

Growing such an expert internally is a challenge due to the limitations of the breadth and depth of exposure within your own company. Even if this would be technically possible, a small and medium size company may be limited to afford this expert on your payroll full time “just in case”. Also retention may become and issue due to lack of continuous new challenges. 

An interim manager provides, limited for the duration it is required, immediate access to an injection of fresh skills and expertise to increase your competitive advantage. This additional, part time or full time available resource manages your crucial projects and changes, implements new parts of the business such as a new manufacturing line, extends your service organization or executes on other agreed priorities. The interim manager will make sure to transfer knowledge during his assignment and leave a working operational environment behind at the end of his engagement, staffed with the right people for every day operation. Experienced interim managers will also plug occurring personnel gaps quickly and effectively. 

The interim manager provides unbiased objectivity and experience from various business and industries and as such is:

  • On your team to deliver your strategy, loyal to your business objectives
  • Implementer as well as being strategist, analyst and planner
  • Focused on your profitability
  • Experienced team builder and leader
  • Flexible to do what you need
  • Hands-on implementer
  • Providing measurable results
  • Sustainability creator through transfer of knowledge 

Engaging an interim manager is engaging an entrepreneur on time.

  • Fresh skills and expertise
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