The goal of Lean Management is to reduce waste and increase efficiency by minimizing unnecessary activities, resources, and time. It is based on the principle of continuous improvement and emphasizes the involvement of all employees in identifying and implementing improvements. Lean Management aims to maximize value for the customer by focusing on the elimination of waste, improving quality, reducing lead times, and increasing flexibility. There are various tools and methods used in Lean Management, such as Kaizen, Kanban, 5S, and value stream analysis.

APS stands for Advanced Planning and Scheduling, which is a software solution used in companies to support complex planning and scheduling processes. It enables efficient and optimized planning of resources, such as machines, labor, and materials, to optimize production and the supply chain. APS systems take into account various factors such as capacities, resource availability, lead times, demand forecasts, and priorities to create an optimal production plan. By using algorithms and mathematical models, APS systems can solve complex planning problems and help identify bottlenecks, reduce lead times, and increase efficiency. APS is particularly important in industries with complex production processes and high scheduling requirements. However, it also provides value to medium-sized businesses that deal with rapidly changing conditions and require simulation capabilities for decision-making.

Our Lean Management approach always starts with an analysis of existing processes to create an overarching understanding of value streams. From this, we identify the specific needs of your company to derive the focus areas. In collaborative workshops, we develop solutions that can be both strategic and practical.

In the field of APS, we have been a partner of ASPROVA, the market leader in this field, since 2018. Your investment risk is minimized by our specific approach. Before acquiring any licenses, we create a customized prototype based on your processes and use of data to demonstrate the added value of advanced planning in your company. A successful proof of concept reduces the effort of the final implementation and increases the acceptance of all process participants. ASPROVA's open data infrastructure allows almost all existing data to be used.

Our experts have been part of the international Lean and APS community for decades and have demonstrated their expertise in various industries. In recent years, they have successfully created value through holistic planning in international production companies as well as in medium-sized craftsmanship businesses.


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