Companies and organizations turn to our services in various situations.

Ideally, growth, entering new markets, developing new products or services serve as the catalyst for thinking about strategy and its implementation. However, at times, organizations or companies find themselves in less favorable situations that require reorientation or restructuring in the areas of personnel, processes, or technology.

Since our approach is always tailored, we start our work with a basic analysis of the company and its specific issues to form a neutral opinion based on our experience: "What would we do if it were our company?"

The diagnoses vary in intensity and focus for each company. Sometimes, we analyze specific problems in depth, but most of the time, we gain a holistic 360° overview of the overall situation.

The result of the diagnosis includes a neutral assessment of the current situation and the proposal of a concrete roadmap with specific projects that logically address the current environment of your company.

Through a collaborative discussion, we can then determine the specific competencies needed and whether we can provide the necessary experts for efficient execution.

Our goal is to nominate the right experts for each problem and thus provide strong and optimal support during implementation. It's equally important to emphasize that we place great importance on languages and understanding the different cultures in our region.

Since every company has specific requirements, we do not have a standardized service catalog. Therefore, we provide an exemplary list of our services for each topic area.


We are more than happy to dedicate time to you, your company, and your projects. Get in touch with us and secure your personal appointment!

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Governance & Strategy

  • Strategic Diagnosis
  • "Strategy Mapping" Workshop - Developing and Visualizing the Strategy
  • "Business Model" Workshop - Understanding and Adapting the Business Model
  • Restructuring and Reorganization Projects
  • Establishment, Design, Participation, and/or Leadership of Administrative Structures (Executive Committee, Advisory Board, Board of Directors)
  • Coaching of Leadership Personnel
  • Organization and Leadership of Strategic Projects and Programs
  • Independent Supervisory Board Memberships
  • Succession Planning Support
  • Establishment and Support of Project Management Structures (PMO)
  • Fit4Innovation Diagnoses
  • Interim Business Management

Project & Program Management

  • Applied Project Management Training
  • Coaching of Project Managers
  • External Project Management of Specific Projects in Various Areas (IT, Innovation, Production, etc.)
  • External Program Management
  • Establishment and Support of Project Management Structures (PMO)
  • External Leadership of a PMO
  • Change Management Support


  • Materiality Assessments
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Review
  • Development and Guidance of Sustainability Strategies
  • CO2 Accounting - Creating and Tracking Action Plans
  • B Corp Impact Assessment and Support for B Corp Certification
  • Sustainability Seminars
  • Environmental Management - ISO 14001
  • Energy Management - ISO 50001
  • Fit4Sustainability Diagnosis
  • Development and Implementation of HR Processes

Digital Transformation

  • Audits and Diagnoses of Digital Infrastructure
  • Development of Digital Roadmaps
  • Creation of Specifications (Lastenhefte) and Use Cases
  • Project Management for Digital Projects
  • Industry 4.0 Projects
  • Implementation of ERP Systems
  • Implementation of CRM Systems
  • Development of Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Supplier Selection and Management
  • Project Assurance
  • Interim CIO / IT Manager Roles
  • Fit4Digital Diagnoses

Lean management & Production Planning (APS)

  • Audits and Diagnoses of Production Processes
  • Procurement Seminars
  • Lean Kaizen Workshops and Training
  • End-to-End Process Analysis
  • Industry 4.0 Projects
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • 5S Workshops
  • Creation and Optimization of Planning Logic
  • ASPROVA as an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Solution
  • Interim COO / Head of Production Roles

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