The original idea behind founding TrAxxion arose when Mark and Sven were leading a strategic project for the then-world leader in mobile telephony, NOKIA. Both quickly realized how much could be achieved through pragmatic approaches, a clear strategy, and efficient project management. From this idea, they defined the values and company approach of "no nonsense," which continues to define TrAxxion to this day.

In 2007, TrAxxion started with its initial consulting assignments in the field of project management. After some very interesting restructurings of SMEs, the book "Zero Vector Mode Challenge" was published in 2013, providing a pragmatic summary of our "no-nonsense" approach.

In the years that followed, our range of services gradually expanded into the areas of Lean and Digital Transformation, culminating in a partnership with Asprova, the market leader in APS, in 2018.

Our strategic work with clients increasingly led us to accompany topics such as corporate leadership, strategy, personnel management, and generational transitions.

In recent years, it has become increasingly important for us to explain that sustainability does not only mean "green" but is the epitome of successful corporate leadership. The understanding that sustainable corporate leadership has various facets led us to orient our approach around the B Corp Framework and redefine our mission: "We aim to make an impact on Luxembourg and the Greater Region by helping companies and organizations become sustainable and modern."

The pillars of our team, which now comprises over 20 experts, remain our values: "no nonsense," "true expertise," and "brutal honesty." We look forward to further collaboration and many interesting projects to increase our positive impact for future generations.


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